A Professional Headshot Says a Lot About You

To get or not to get that headshot?

That is the question many of us ask.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 1.36.45 PM

Will it really make much of a difference?

Well I’m here to tell you that YES, it does. A headshot says so much about you. Headshots are not only for corporate businesses, they are useful for all types of social media exposure, even dating sites.

If you are going to put yourself out there, then let it be your best self.

Let’s say you are an entrepreneur and you are launching your new business. People want to know that they are dealing with a professional and someone who cares about their business. And YES, all that can be assessed from your head shot.

Professional headshots are quick and easy. They can be taken in a studio or outside for a more casual look.


Some photographers are willing to travel to you and that saves your precious time.

Yes, I know its an expense that you do no need, but look at it as an investment. This small investment will yield more in return. More exposure, more success, more business and more admirers.

Throughout the years I have photographed people for Corporate web sites and other main stream career professionals. Others have been fitness professionals or professional speakers. I have also photographed people who were updating their dating profiles or linkedIn profiles and some were internet bloggers and entrepreneurs. All were looking for a photograph that would represent them and their chosen careers in the best light.

I know I cannot convince everyone, so if you still insist on taking your own photo please try to avoid these portrait faux pas…

1. Never use a photo from which you have cut out the other person. That just looks tacky. 2. Don’t take a selfie in a mirror  3. Do not stand right under a light or you will get all kinds of unflattering shadows. And 4. Unless you work with animals do not post a photo of your pet as your profile pic. Even though they are cute the only tell us that you have a cute pet.

I leave you with a headshot of yours truly. This one is several years old so its time for a new one. LOL


Looking forward to seeing you through my camera lens !


Fall Family Portraits

The end of summer is good! It means the colors of fall are just around the corner.

Labor day is officially the end of summer. The public pools close down, and school starts. But most of the time there is still at least a few more weeks of  warm weather.

This year our summer continued well into September.  The passed few days the temperature has finally cooled down sending everyone into fall fever. We find ourselves outdoors more often taking walks and smelling the fresh air.  Always anticipating all the fall colors to come.

fall family portraits
I can’t contain my excitement !

As a photographer, this is my favorite time of year. I love to go out with my clients and capture stunning fall portraits. Every year we wait for those few weeks in October (sometimes its still good in early November) so we can enjoy the colors of fall. The myriad of red, yellow, orange and chartreuse.

Here are a few of the family portraits I have captured over the years.

Family Portrait, depicting life photography, portraits
Family portrait relaxing in the park
Family Portrait, outdoor family pictures
Another fantastic family on an outdoor photo shoot
red fall colors, outdoor family photos
peek a boo !
outdoor family photo session, Depicting Life Photography
Let’s Stay Standing ( and mix it up a bit )
fall photography, outdoor family photo session
More Fun in the Leaves


New Born Photographer, Fairfax Virgina

dsc_3243-editNew born babies….What precious bundles of joy. As a photographer it is a huge pleasure working with these tiny newborns.

Just knowing that we will never have the chance to replicate these first few days/weeks as they adjust to the world makes my job even more rewarding. I create memories that last a lifetime of this beautiful sleepy stage and the innocence that exudes them.

The way we have to protect these new borns as they slowly discover the vast space around them is so important. And yet we can dress them up and manipulate them to highlight their adorableness.

As a mother of 2 (who have grown into lovely teenagers) I appreciate every moment with these little ones as I know how fast time flies.

These are some examples of an adorable baby boy for you to enjoy…. I will be posting more. I promise.



High School Senior Portraits

High School Senior Portraits, Washington D.C , Portrait Photographer

Had a fun photo shoot with this young man as we took metro to China Town in Washington DC. He is very artist and plans to study Architecture in college. We managed to get a variety of architectural back drops. His high school senior portraits are so unique and fun and I am sure they will be cherished forever.