Love is in The Air

pexels-photo-255441.jpegWith the approach of Valentine’s Day we turn our attention to LOVE.


We all experience and give love in many different ways. The love I am referring to is the result of Cupid and his arrow. We have come to associate Cupid as this Cherub who can shoot his arrow and make two people fall in love. 


I have had the privilege of photographing several couples over the past few months who are celebration their love.

This adorable couple is celebrating the young man’s start of a wonderful career as a Marine.




This beautiful couple is celebrating their engagement in our nations capital.



This young couple is just celebrating being together. Even in the studio they were able to show their love.DPL_8390.jpg



This young couple is celebrating their 70th Wedding anniversary !!




These love birds have been married for a couple of years and just wanted to capture their love at that moment




 If this triggers the romantic in you then grab your significant other and give me a call !!


You too can celebrate your love with a photo session.

New Born Photographer, Fairfax Virgina

dsc_3243-editNew born babies….What precious bundles of joy. As a photographer it is a huge pleasure working with these tiny newborns.

Just knowing that we will never have the chance to replicate these first few days/weeks as they adjust to the world makes my job even more rewarding. I create memories that last a lifetime of this beautiful sleepy stage and the innocence that exudes them.

The way we have to protect these new borns as they slowly discover the vast space around them is so important. And yet we can dress them up and manipulate them to highlight their adorableness.

As a mother of 2 (who have grown into lovely teenagers) I appreciate every moment with these little ones as I know how fast time flies.

These are some examples of an adorable baby boy for you to enjoy…. I will be posting more. I promise.



Portraits of High School Seniors are not what they used to be

DLP_7058High school seniors do not have to settle for the boring school portraits anymore.

Every year the popularity of these custom tailored photo shoots is increasing. Parents want to have photos of their senior framed and hung on a wall to be admired. The seniors have become much more comfortable with being photographed as many of them spend hours snap chatting one another and uploading images to social media.

Many photographers are catering to the growing demand of custom portraits , however the relationship with your photographer has to be comfortable and easy going. Spend time asking questions and chatting before the photo shoot.  Let the photographer know your expectations and your comfort zone. Talk about props and change of outfits.

Remember, this is about you and it should be fun.